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Apple's Tax

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We Need Apple's Unpaid Tax
1st September 2016

There has rarely been a more important issue for the people in this country than the issue of Apple's unpaid tax.

We are looking at the prospect of a Government refusing to accept a sum of almost €20 billion (€13 billion plus €7 billion interest) which has been judged to be owed to the people of this country.

They are doing this while at the same time presiding over savage cuts to many vital services such as housing aid for the elderly, resource teaching hours cuts for children with special needs and cruel treatment of disabled people waiting for suitable wheelchairs.

I am shocked that the crippling burdens being put on Carers who get no support from the Government because they are forced to work or the callous disregard for the need for speech and language therapy for children with autism are not even mentioned in this discussion. This at a time in our history when we have a chance to make the lives of these and many other vulnerable people of this country a little more comfortable and fulfilling.

It is also a gross insult to the law abiding tax payers of this country and in particular the small businesses who employ the vast majority of the workers in this country. These employers are stretched to the limit to pay their company income taxes, their employer social insurance contributions, and their commercial and water charges. If these employers did not pay their taxes on time and in full they would be hounded mercilessly by the Revenue Commissioners. Yet Apple, the richest company on the Planet, can get away with paying little or no tax and the Government and its supporters think that's ok.

I certainly don't think it's ok and I believe the ordinary people of this country should make their voices heard and insist that all taxpayers are treated fairly and equitably and the money which belongs to the people of this country should be spent on those who need it most.

Cllr. Joe Behan

Serving the people of County Wicklow since 1985 |

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