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Banks Hit the People Again

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Bank Hit the People Again!
29th June 2017

Here we go again. This month we see another bank, which was saved by the people of this country, walk all over us.

Bank of Ireland is still partly owned by the people but will now refuse to take our cash at the counter. This disgraceful policy is aimed at local communities all over Ireland and will affect many people in County Wicklow.

Bank of Ireland has abandoned its personal and local business customers to concentrate on the big money from the developers, stockbrokers and the elites who deal in millions while the ordinary people of Ireland are left to fend for themselves.

This decision to deny access to local cash lodgement and withdrawal services will mean more people, particularly older people, keeping their cash at home. This will lead inevitably to more robberies and other forms of crime in local communities as the criminals gear up to take the money from the homes of innocent people.

Business owners will suffer additional costs in time and money as they travel further and further to find a branch of the bank willing to accept their cash. Businesses are already on their knees trying to recover from a 10 year recession and now they have to deal with the final insult that if they do take in some cash from customers their bank won’t take it.

It is incredible that we are, yet again, the victims of high handed, money grabbing and arrogant bankers who demanded our money to save their skins and who now turn their backs on us when we need them.

Where is the Government? Where are the TDs? Why is this outrage not being challenged in Dáil Éireann?

The people of this country should cry “enough”. The Government should protect the people who sacrificed everything to save these banks. The Government should demand an end to this anti – people policy and ensure that we get the banking service we deserve.

Cllr. Joe Behan


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