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Budget 2016 Statement

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Older People Still Worse Off after the Budget
October 2015

The Budget has failed to give back to older people what has been taken from them by this Government.

In real terms, the miserly €3 per week to pensioners is the equivalent of a quarter of all the money which has been cut from older people. Remember that older people have suffered the loss of their telephone allowance, a 6 weeks reduction in the fuel allowance season, a five-fold increase in prescription charges, the loss of the full medical card for many, as well as the imposition of water charges and property taxes. Older people have lost the equivalent of 5 weeks pension in the year and the Government expects gratitude for giving €3 a week in return.

I honestly believe that many older people will be unimpressed with this Government because older people have to rely on fixed incomes and there is no consideration of ability to pay when property tax, water charges and refuse charges are now being imposed. The continuing imposition of prescription charges is in reality a tax on illness and the axing of the telephone allowance is scandalous in a time of increased urban and rural crime.

Older people have built this nation with their own sacrifices and now as they reach the time when they need a helping hand from the nation, this Government has decided to give them €3.

This is a clear indication that for this Government older people are not a priority.

Joe Behan
Independent Candidate for Wicklow/East Carlow

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