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Council Budget A Missed Opportunity for the People of County Wicklow
November 2014

The marathon Budget meeting of Wicklow County Council on Monday was a serious set back and missed opportunity for the people of County Wicklow.

For the first time in many years Councillors had the opportunity to provide a stimulus package of more than €2,500,000 for all areas in the county but unfortunately the two big parties controlling the Council decided to act in accordance with the wishes of the County Manager and refused to support the Independents' proposal to invest the money in the county.

The extra money was only available for one year and arose from the second homes tax which was paid to the Council this year. Independents wanted to spend this money for the benefit of all areas of the county but the County Manager wanted to sink the money into the annual deficit and effectively prevent the money being spent on worthwhile and necessary community projects throughout the county.

It is regrettable that the two biggest parties on the Council combined to support the County Manager and denied the people of County Wicklow the full benefit of this once off opportunity.

Joe Behan

Serving the people of County Wicklow since 1985 |

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