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Council Sells Out to Vulture Fund

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Council Sells Out to Vulture Fund
8th November 2017

Councillors sold out to an American Vulture Fund this week by agreeing to demands for a 5 year rent free deal on land in Bray.

We now know that the power of the wealthy elite is alive and well in the corridors of power in Wicklow County Council. Instead of demanding payment up front of €800,000 already owed to the Council and then negotiating a new arrangement , Councillors agreed to allow the Vulture Fund, Starwood, to wait a full 5 years until 2022 to flip the site and make more profit for their international shareholders at the people’s expense.

This is a sad reflection on the state of local government in County Wicklow at the moment whereby the interests of the taxpaying public are far less important than the demands of international billionaires.

The people of the Southern Cross Road area will now have to wait at least 5 years before they will see the neighbourhood shopping facility they were supposed to have 10 years ago. The taxpayer has already lost billions in the sell-off of NAMA loans on sites such as this. It looks to me that the taxpayer may be at risk of losing all over again with this dreadful decision.

Cllr. Joe Behan


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