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Government Robs our Senior Citizens

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Government Robs Our Senior Citizens

This Government is guilty of committing a smash and grab raid on the incomes of thousands of elderly people living in County Wicklow.

A study of recent Budgetary Measures introduced by this Government shows that, on average, the incomes of elderly people will have been cut by a minimum of
1,000.00 per annum by the time this "Government of the Democratic Revolution" has completed its term of office.

The figures speak for themselves;

114 - annual loss from the ending of the telephone allowance.

60 - annual loss (at least) from the increase in prescription charges.

300 - annual cost (at least) of the Property Tax.

300 - annual projected cost (at least) of the new Water Charges.

250 - annual loss (at least) from the latest increases in the cost of Health Insurance.

The cumulative effect of these measures alone is the equivalent of stealing 5 weeks old age pension per year from vulnerable older people.

There have also been under-the-radar losses inflicted on older people such as the reduction in grants for hearing aids, top up charges for chiropody services for medical card holders and cuts in the grants available for older people to adapt their homes for independent living.

The introduction of the Property Tax has been particularly stressful for many elderly people who struggle to understand the charging system, who fear they will not be able to afford it and who will go without heat, light and food to pay this tax.

One of the most damaging cuts of all is the gradual removal of Medical Cards from thousands of over 70's throughout the country. This is causing huge hardship for many elderly people and dreadful worry for them and their families and no-one seems to be shouting stop.

I have always believed that we owe a huge debt to our elderly citizens who lived through the hard times of the 30's, 40's and 50's. They worked extremely hard for long hours on low pay and without many of the comforts we take for granted now. They built up this nation and now in their twilight years their politicians are systematically reducing their income and increasing their stress and insecurity.

I will be contesting the forthcoming Local Election to make a stand for those in our community who are suffering severely at this time, such as the elderly and, if elected, I will fight for a fairer deal for all.

Joe Behan
Independent Candidate for Bray, Enniskerry and Kilmacanogue

Serving the people of County Wicklow since 1985 |

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