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Wicklow CoCo wants Presidential Election

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Wicklow Council Council Wants a Presidential Election
16th March 2017

I was delighted that the Members of Wicklow County Council agreed unanimously that there should be a contested election for the President of our Nation in 2018.

The motion, which I proposed, does not imply any criticism of President Higgins but states that there should be a democratic contest. Obviously President Higgins is entitled to contest such an election and he could well be re-elected. However, I strongly believe that the people are entitled to have their say on who should be our First Citizen. It should not be left to the main political parties to agree among themselves not to have an election because they want to save their party funds and deny the people their right to decide.

Our Constitution states that if a person has the nomination of 4 County Councils, she or he can be a Presidential candidate. In 2011, Wicklow County Council was one of the Councils which nominated Mary Davis, Chief Executive of the Special Olympics movement. I believe she was an excellent choice and I am sure there are many people working in the Community and Voluntary sector who would be excellent candidates for the highest office in the land.

To this end, the Council also agreed to my proposal to invite those people who might wish to seek our nomination to make their case to us when the time for the election approaches. I look forward to hearing the case being made by prospective candidates and to Wicklow County Council playing its full part in the nomination process.

Cllr. Joe Behan


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